This article covers how to add Additional Codes, set Restricted Codes and Transmit Codes to the keypad.

Before You Begin

You may Assign Codes to people in Procare and/or enter Additional Codes as explained below.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Utilities > Procare Extras > Keyless Entry System.

Transmit Codes, Additional Codes, Restricted Codes

When you transmit, the codes are sent to and stored on the keypad. Once the codes are transmitted people may begin using the keypad to enter the building. Any time you add new codes be sure to transmit again, in order to activate those codes.

  1. Choose whether to transmit family, staff, or vendor codes and mark the appropriate choices under Family Data, Employee Data and Expenses & Ledger.
  2. To include codes for other people (who are not entered in Procare) mark the Include Additional Codes check box. To add people to the additional codes list click Edit Codes and enter their information. To add new lines, for more additional codes, click Save or tap Enter (on your keyboard).
    Keyless Entry - Additional Codes
  3. To block codes you may place them on the restricted list. Mark the Include Restricted Codes check box. To add codes to the restricted list click Edit Codes and enter the information. To add new lines, for more restricted codes, click Save or tap Enter (on your keyboard).
    Keyless Entry - Restricted Codes
    Note: Other ways to block a code are to delete the code from the Person Information screen in Procare or to check the Disabled box on the Additional Codes screen. In order for the changes to take effect you must TRANSMIT the CODES.
  4. Next, click the Transmit button.
    Transmit Codes to Keypad
  5. At the Transmit screen:
    1. Click a second Transmit button to transmit codes to the keypad. Or, use the Inquire button to get information from the keypad including the serial number, KES name, firmware date, and number of codes stored.
      Keyless Entry - Transmit Screen
    2. Optional: When the transmission or inquiry is complete, you may use the Notepad button to view or print the on screen information.
    3. Click Exit to leave the Transmit screen.

Next Steps

Now you are ready to Monitor Codes as people enter the building (optional).