How to make a payment at the Check-In screen.

When can I make a payment?

A payment can only be made if all of the following are true:

How to make a payment

The sequence of screens will vary slightly, depending on options your child care provider has selected and your connection to the account, for example whether you are a pickup person and a payer, a payer only, or an employee, etc.

  1. Select Start Here, then identify yourself with your fingerprint, or PIN + password, etc.
  2. You’ll see one of the following:
    1. If there is an Accounting/Payment button, choose it and then select Make a Payment.
      btn-accounting-payment-(1) then btn-make-pmt
    2. If there is only a Make a Payment button, select it.
    3. If you are a payer, but not a pickup person, you won’t see either button—instead, you’ll automatically arrive at the payment screen (next step).
  3. At the payment screen:
    1. Use the Edit button to change the amount, if needed.
    2. Swipe your credit or debit card through the card reader. The types of cards accepted may vary.
      Note: If there is a problem with the card, ask a staff person to process it as a Point of Sale payment.
    3. Choose Process. A receipt will automatically be emailed to you.
      Note: The email is sent from Tuition Express. You may need to add Tuition Express to your white list to ensure it does not end up in your spam filter.