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Run an internet “speed” test to determine your upload / download rate and a separate “ping” test to measure time delay. This is important for centers using the Procare Cloud service. Also test that your firewall has the correct ports and IP ranges open.

What is a speed test? What is a ping test?

  1. A speed test measures the bandwidth available (download/upload rate) through your internet provider. Higher upload and download rates are better.
  2. A ping test determines the latency, or communications delay, when data travels from your computer to another computer. The shorter the delay, the better.

Required speed and ping rates

According to the Procare System Requirements for Procare Cloud:

  1. Speed – Minimum available bandwidth (see notes below):  download 1.5 Mbps (1,500 kbps), upload 0.5 Mbps (512 kbps).
  2. Ping Rate – Maximum: 110 ms (milliseconds).
    Important Notes:
    – Wireless AirCards® (3G, 4G, LTE, etc.) and satellite connections are NOT supported.
    – Available Bandwidth: If classroom cameras or other devices/programs share your bandwidth you may not have enough “available” bandwidth for Procare to run effectively. Make sure you have enough total bandwidth to accommodate all your needs.

How to run speed and ping tests

Speed and ping tests must be done separately. Use the internet sites below or search for “speed test” or “ping test” online.

Choose a server in Michigan or the Midwest
For the most accurate results choose a server based in the Midwest if available, such as Michigan, Ohio or Indiana.

Speed Test Sites (choose 1)
Ping Test Site