Make hardware connections and configure software options for the serial Door Controller.


The serial Door Controller connects to your check-in computer and your electrically operated interior door. When a person completes the check-in process, the door circuit receives a signal from the door controller to buzz the door open.

Before You Begin

Install the Procare “Client” software on the check-in computer. This could be any standard computer or a Procare Touch computer. You’ll need the Procare Check-In program running to set the options needed for the Door Controller.

See: Install on Check-In Computer and Special Instructions for Procare Touch

Hardware Connections

Watch the  video (link above) and review the Serial Door Controller Installation PDF to connect the Door Controller to your computer and your electrically operated door.

Set Software Options & Test Controller

You will need to choose settings such as the Comm Port used by the Door Controller.

At the Check In computer:

  1. Dbl-click the Procare Check In shortcut on your computer desktop.
  2. Dbl-click anywhere in the gray border area around the logo (or press Esc on your keyboard) then click Options.
  3. Click the Hardware button (right side).
  4. Under Automatic Door Controller:

    1. Choose the computer Comm Port to which the Door Controller is attached.
    2. Set the Duration (time you’d like the door to stay open).
    3. Pick the Delay (time to wait before the door opens). The farther the door is from the check in computer the longer the delay should be. A setting of “off” means there is no delay, in other words the door would buzz right away after someone completes the check in process.
    4. Click the Test button to confirm the door opens. Your door circuit must be attached to the Door Controller and both the door strike and controller unit must have power.
    5. Check the box next to Authorized Pick Up and/or Employee if you wish to require a person to check in/out in order to open the door.
      Explanation: For staff you would often leave this unchecked so they could open the door as needed throughout the day. See: How to Buzz Door without Checking In

What’s Next?

Learn How to Check In/Out