Billing Cycles (also known as Contract Cycles), such as “weekly” and “monthly” are used for recurring fees charged to families or agencies. Use Billing Cycles if you charge a flat fee regardless of the number of hours a child actually attends.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Accounting Management > Family Accounting > dbl-click Billing Cycles.


Set up Billing Cycles

  1. Click the top (blank) line to add a new cycle. Enter a Description and Comment (optional) then tap Enter (on your keyboard) a couple of times until a new (blank) line appears.
  2. Continue adding other cycles as needed.
  3. Use the Up & Down arrows to change the order if needed and then click Save > Exit.
    Note: Billing Cycles are then assigned to the Billing Box of each child along with the rate for that child. You may also assign Standard Rates to each of your Charge & Credit Descriptions.