Here’s what you need to know about syncing child attendance records from Procare Select to Engage. See also: Turn Off Attendance Sync.

Before You Begin

Depending on how you use attendance records you may choose either of these options:

  1. You’ll want to record attendance in Procare Select (following the options described below) if you:
    1. charge tuition and fees based on check-in/out times.
    2. rely on attendance reports within Procare Select.
    3. or record meal counts in Procare Select based on actual attendance.
      Note: In/out times entered in Select will sync (one-way) to the Engage application.
  2. You may also choose to record attendance directly in the Engage app, if you want to:
    1. use QR codes for contactless check-in
    2. or GPS curbside check-in.
      Important! At the present time, in/out times entered in Engage do NOT sync back to Procare Select. This capability is anticipated mid-August 2020.

How are Children Checked In/Out of Procare Select?

Children must be checked in and out through Procare Select in one of the following ways in order for the check-in/out times to sync to Engage:

      1. Through the Procare Check-In screen (by the parent or authorized pickup
        person – image below). Hint: Use a pencil eraser or stylus for touchless check-in.
        Procare Check-In Screen
      2. OR using the Receptionist feature in Procare (by a staff person on behalf of parent
        or pickup person – image below).
        Receptionist Check-In
      3. OR using the Batch Check-In feature in Procare (by a staff person – image below), which includes batch check in, out, and transfer from one classroom to another.
        Batch Check Children In, Out, or Transfer

Are manual time card entries supported?

No. Only the check-in methods mentioned above are supported.

Is employee check-in supported?

No. Only check in and out of children is part of the attendance sync.You may have staff clock in/out in one or both places (Select and/or Engage) depending on your needs. For example; if you process payroll checks in Select, then staff should continue to check in/out through Select. If it’s important to have ratio tracking in the Engage app, then you’ll want staff to check in/out through Engage. It’s fine to do both as needed.

How and when is child attendance synced?

Syncing is one-way, from Procare Select to Engage. Approximately one minute after a child is checked in/out from Procare Select their in/out time and status (checked in or out) will appear in Engage.

What happens if the sync does not work?

If for some reason Procare Select is unable to communicate with Engage, the sync will fail silently. In other words, there is no message to let you know. You can confirm the sync worked by checking the child’s in/out status in Engage. It should be the same as shown in Procare Select.

Where are check-in/outs shown in Engage?

Each child’s check-in time and status appear on the Student Sign-In > Attendance tab of Engage.

What if the child is checked-in/out from Engage?

If an in/out time is entered through Engage, that information will not be shown in Procare Select.