Even if you don’t have families check their children in, you can still set up a computer payment station allowing parents to pay their bill by credit card.

What you’ll need for a Payment Station

  • You’ll need a computer, available to parents, that will act as your payment station. This could be a Procare Touch Computer or any standard computer that meets the Minimum Requirements. It must be connected to your network, or, if you are using Procare Cloud, have a high speed internet connection.
  • You’ll also need a credit card reader, such as the one integrated with the Procare Touch Computer, or order a USB card reader separately from Tuition Express.

Setting Up Your Payment Station

  1. Follow the steps to Install on a Check-In Computer. Answer “yes” when asked if it will be used to check people in (even though you will only use it for payments). This will create a Check-In shortcut on your desktop or you can Create a Shortcut manually.
  2. Follow the steps to Set Up Pay at Check-In including how to set up parents (or other “payers”) to make payments.

Using the Payment Station

Follow the steps to Make a Payment at Check-In. Since the payer (parent) isn’t checking anyone in, they will arrive at the payment screen once they identify themselves (using a fingerprint, etc.).