You may download special utilities from Procare to assist with certain tasks such as changing the text that appears on employee time cards or changing the number of days for which temporary check in registrations are valid.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Utilities > Download Procare Support File > Enter the appropriate Password (listed below) > Click Download.

Note: Passwords use the number zero, not the letter “O”; for example, in TC01 the 3rd character is zero.

Module Topic Explanation Password
Data Viewer Add New Views Add up to 3 new Data Views including: “Allergy List by Classroom”, “Class Email List” and “Class Emergency Contact List”. After installing the download, go to Reports > Data Viewer > Family Data and look under the Child Information (Tracking) and Child Relationships sectionsdv01-data-views-(1) DV01
Attendance Tracker Register: Generate IDs Generate temporary registration IDs for all pick up persons and employees at once. This is most often used when you want everyone to re-register for check in, including people who have previously registered. It does not force them to re-register, just gives a number they could use. AT01
Attendance Tracker Register: Length of Time Set the number of days for which a Temporary Registration ID is valid. This is the registration number used by a pick up person or employee to register at your check in station. The default setting is 7 days. Maximum setting is 60 days. AT02
Attendance Tracker Register: Check In Information Delete the Check In and/or Registration info for all pick up persons and employees at once, the selected school or all schools. AT03
Keyless Entry Import Additional Codes Import the “additional codes” list from the version 9.1 Keyless Entry System. AT04
Attendance Tracker Fingerprint Check For trouble shooting purposes. Displays name of person to whom a fingerprint/cardswipe/PIN  is registered. The person must be available to provide the fingerprint or PIN. AT05
Family Data, Employee Data, Expense & Ledger Documents
Export and remove all of the documents from the Procare database. Saves them to C:\ProcarePDF.
Family Data, Employee Data, Expense & Ledger Documents Import the documents from C:\ProcarePDF. DC02
Family Data Merge Letters Convert older merge letter documents to the current format. May be necessary after upgrading from versions prior to 2023.5.1. MM01
General Data Removal Data Removal. Remove all information from one selected school location.
Important! Customer Authorization is required.
Family Accounting Reprint Receipts Change the length of time Stored Receipts are saved so they can be reprinted later, if needed. These are receipts printed when a family makes a payment. The default is 2 weeks. Maximum is 52 weeks. FA01
Family Accounting Update Billing Boxes Update the Amount field in Child’s Billing Box for selected schools or regions by a percentage. Affects Tuition Charge descriptions only (not Other Charge descriptions”). FA02
Family Accounting Automated Billing Change default for the “Include Child’s Name in Comment” check box. Checked=include name, Unchecked=do not include name FA03
Family Accounting Fund Accounting Track accounts receivable by program. See article: Fund Accounting  FUND
Family Accounting Charge/Credit Descriptions Add additional Special Charges & Special Credit line items.  Add an expense as a Special Credit (useful for Bad Debt Write Off) or add extra liabilities (See: Deposit on Account) to both Special Charges and Special Credits.
Important!  Your MUST run Repair after applying this download. Go to Supervisor Utilities > Run Repair.
General Dashboard Reset Reset the dashboard for the selected user.
Important! You MUST sign out and back in after running the download.
Expense & Ledger Beginning Balance Allows the user to move the Beginning Balance date back. GL01
Family Data MyProcare Letter Template Adds the Introduction to MyProcare Letter. This can then be used in letter merge. MP01
Family Data, Employee Data, Expense & Ledger File Attachments Adjust the size allowed for individual PDF files when using the File Attachment feature. Choose from 1 to 25 MB. Note: Since the SQL Express Database (included with Procare) is limited to 4 GB smaller is better for PDF files. PG01
Family Data, Employee Data, Expense & Ledger File Attachments Create a text file report showing the number and size of the documents (Account/Child/Ledger/Vendor) for each school, and the number of ledger and time card (Child/Employee) records for each school. PG02
Employee Data, Attendance Tracker Employee Time Cards Edit text at the bottom of Employee Time Card reports. Choose to turn signature line on/off.The default text says: “I declare under penalty of perjury that I have reviewed the times listed on this Time Card and they are correct; and I have taken the permitted rest breaks as described in the employee handbook.” TC01
Attendance Tracker Child Time Cards Edit text at the bottom of Child Time Card reports. Choose to turn signature line on/off.The default text says: “I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing Attendance Records are true and correct.” TC02
Attendance Tracker Invalid In/Out Entries on Time Cards Shows people with conflicting / invalid in or out times on their time card. The list is displayed in Notepad. Use when new lines cannot be added to a time card. May be necessary after converting from version 9.1 – especially with employee time cards. TC03
Tuition Express Tuition Express Assistant Configure overall Tuition Express setting for each school. TE01
Tuition Express Tuition Express Installs Tuition Express Enrollment forms into the Account Merge letters list. TEEF
Person Information Text Messaging Number Update text messaging numbers in bulk so they sync from Desktop to Parent Engagement  TM01
Meal Tracker Meal Tracker Menu Edit text at the bottom of Meal Tracker School Menus. Allows alternate wording.

The default text says: “USDA Nondiscrimination Statement: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, or because all or part of an individuals income is derived from any public assistance program. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.).”

Report Criteria – All Modules Delete Saved Report Criteria Use to remove all previously saved report criteria (date range, filter, group and sort by settings) for a particular location. Affects all reports in all modules. U001
Tech Support Tech Support Opens the default web browser to U006