You MUST read this article if you previously installed Procare v10 on your computer and are now switching to the Procare Cloud.

Before You Begin

Make sure your internet connection meets the Procare Cloud Requirements.

Backup AND Export Your Data

If you plan to take the information currently entered in your locally installed Procare v10 and move it to the Procare Cloud you will need to:

  1. Stop entering new data at all Procare computers, including check-in computers.
  2. Make a Backup in your locally installed Procare v10 and BE SURE to copy the backup to another location like a USB flash drive. Once you remove Procare, the only backup you will have available is one saved to the other location (outside of Procare).
  3. Install the latest update. From the Procare Home screen click Utilities > Check for Online Update. This is important to ensure you have the latest version of the export utility.
  4. Export the Data from your locally installed Procare v10. This is not the same as a backup. Export is a separate utility used to create a file you can import to the hosted version of Procare. It’s also wise to copy the export file to another location like a USB flash drive.

Send Us Your Backup?

There are two possible methods for moving data to your Procare Cloud account.

Method A:
If all your information is in a single database, the preferred method is to transmit the backup to us so we can move it to Procare Cloud for you. There can be a turn around time of 1-3 days for this free service, however, the advantage is that all settings are transferred. Contact Tech Support.

Are you combining databases? Method “B” must be used if you are combining data from separate databases; for example, where Procare was installed separately at each individual location.

Method B:
On your own you may use the Export/Import Utility. Please be aware that some settings are not imported and will need to be re-established. See: Settings that Don’t Export/Import

Uninstall Existing Procare – Then Install Procare Cloud

You will need to perform these steps at each computer:

  1. Uninstall the existing Procare v10 using the uninstall feature of Windows (sometimes known as add/remove programs). Depending on the version of Windows you have, this may be found in a location like: Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features, then select “Procare” and choose to Uninstall.
    Note: You may wish to uninstall from a Client computer, instead of your main computer (server). This way you could make sure teh Procare Cloud is installed and your data is imported BEFORE completely removing the locally installed Procare from your main computer.
  2. Download & install the Procare Cloud Software.

Import to the Procare Cloud

Follow these steps if you are using the Export/Import Utility to transfer your data.

  1. Log in to your Procare Cloud version of Procare. See: First Time Log In
  2. Import the  Data you previously exported. See special instructions to Import Tuition Express.
  3. Important! Some settings are not imported and will need to be re-established. See: Settings that Don’t Export/Import
  4. After importing you may have items with very similar names, for example, if you had “Infants” as a default classroom and your import file included “Infant” (without an “s”). Use Configuration Merge to clean up this situation by combing the two together.