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Choose settings how to print receipts when a payment is recorded from a family.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Accounting Management > Family Accounting > dbl-click Receipt Options.

Printing Receipts / Receipt Options

At the Receipt Options screen:

  1. Check Turn Receipt Printing On.
  2. Select a Receipt Format.
    1. One receipt per page means a single page will be immediately printed for each payment entered.
    2. Two receipts per page means nothing will be printed until you post a second payment (usually for a different family), then both receipts will be printed together on a one sheet of paper. Cut the sheet in half and give the appropriate receipt to each family.
      icon-print-receiptNote: When ‘two per page’ is selected you may force a single receipt to print if needed. Just click the printer icon (lower right) of any Account Ledger or the Quick Ledger Posting screen. The icon appears only when a single payment has been posted and is waiting for a second payment before printing.
    3. Duplicate receipt means two receipts for the same payment will be printed immediately on one sheet of paper. Cut the sheet in half; give one to the family and keep the other for your records. This is the format used automatically for Tuition Express Point of Sale payments regardless of which option you select for other payment types.
  3. Choose a Tracking Item.
    1. Select “All Tracking Items” to print receipts for all families.
    2. To print receipts for only certain families select a Tracking Item called something like “Receipt Requested” and assign it to the appropriate families. Learn how to Create Account Tracking.
  4. Under Store Receipt History choose one of the following options:
    1. Select Confirm Print & Store if you want to be asked whether to print each receipt. A copy is temporarily stored so you may Reprint a Receipt if needed.
    2. Auto Print & Store means the receipt will print automatically without asking you. A copy is also stored.
    3. Store Only means no receipts are printed at the time payments are recorded, however you may print them later. This is a good option if you receive payments throughout the day but want to print them all at once.
  5. Mark the following check boxes as appropriate:
    1. Check Print Receipt Numbers and enter the Next Receipt Number if you want each receipt to be numbered. Checking the box will record the receipt number in the comments field of the customer’s ledger for that particular payment, and make it easier to identify if you need to reprint a receipt.
    2. Check Print Extended School Address to include the full address of this location on each receipt.
    3. Check Print Enrolled Children’s Names to include the full names of children, in that family, whose Enrollment Status is “Enrolled” as of the day the payment is recorded.
    4. Check Include Tax ID Number to print your business tax identification number as entered in Region Options.
  6. Enter a Message to appear at the bottom of each receipt (optional).
  7. Place a check next to the Payment Descriptions for which you want receipts to print such as Pmt by Cash, Pmt by Check, etc. The most common are shown below.
    Note: If you accept Point of Sale Credit Card Payments or issue Credit Card Refunds through Tuition Express, be sure to include those payment descriptions for receipt printing.
  8. Click Save > Exit.

Select a Printer for Receipts

Receipts will be sent to your default printer in Windows. You may select a different printer for receipts at the Machine Specific Options screen. The receipt printer must be selected separately at each Procare computer.