System Configuration is where you select the overall settings that affect Procare including settings for your Locations & Users, Data Management, Accounting Management and Program Customization. Each setting affects or controls a particular aspect of your data such as the people who may use Procare, your classroom names, accounting categories, and which reports are available for use.

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System.
  2. A number of categories will be displayed. Click the plus (+) or minus (-) sign next to a category to expand or collapse that section or click the Expand or Collapse button (bottom of screen) to expand or collapse all sections at once.

Using the System Configuration

Please note that an item with a shield symbolsystem-supervisor-shield requires the user to have System Supervisor status.
Choose a section for more information:

Locations & Users

Program Customization

Accounting Management

Family Accounting

Employee Data


Expenses & Ledger

Data Management

Status & Relationships

Tracking Items & User Defined Fields


Immunizations & Requirements

Meals & Menus